We asked GWR everywhere who are using the

“First or Fastest Marathon Guide”

what they thought (or think) on their 20 milers…

So good. and so true. 

  1. This isn’t so bad! (Mile 3)
  2. I think I need new shoes.
  3. Oh thank gawd a bathroom, I swear i only had a sip of coffee.
  4. I definitely need me shoes.12509362_1648844052046836_4739839489474289665_n
  5. I’m the King of the World (said like Jack (Leo) in Titanic)
  6. I’m never doing this again.
  7. I totally can’t wait to eat after this (knowing exactly what that will be all day)lo_goGals who Run black funny-bread-peanut-butter-putting-too-much
  8. This: boobs
  9. This is ahhhhhhmazing, I can do anything, watch out world.
  10. I’m so glad Justin Bieber is figuring his life out, he’s really growing up.
  11. Pancakes – what’s with runner’s and pancakes anyway?
  12. I can’t believe that woman runs with a double stroller, wonder how much that weights?
  13. Oohhh cyclists, or other runners, or walkers(enter faster pace here).
  14. Should I eat now, or maybe now? How much water, that was too much? Maybe I need more. Ahhhh!
  15. Yes! Half way. Only 10 more. Oheeemgee I just said “only 10 more”
  16. I can tell I need a pedicure.    toenails
  17. Maybe I should call an uber, 15 miles is close enough. Wait, no phone. Shut.
  18. Yes, just a 5k left – you got it.friday funny
  19. Seriously dying. I hate running. legs
  20. Oh I could totally run 6 more.loverunning

20.5 That wasn’t so bad!

Whether it’s your first marathon or your 241st marathon, you learn and know that a lot can happen in 20 miles. That’s not even the anticipation the week before your run, or the recovery post run. It’s all important. If you have fined tuned what’s work for you, awesome! If you could use 75+ pages of tips, insight, and recipes (see #7- protein over pancakes) read about it here! 



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