Ready to speed up your running?

All right gals, we’re going to help you run stronger and faster in just 5 weeks! The 5-Week Advanced Run Program from Gals Who Run is designed to take experienced runners to their next level. This program includes a challenging training schedule with sprint and tempo interval workouts. Whether your goals are to run one mile, a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon faster, this is a great program to get you closer towards your goals.

“Woot woot I shaved 20 seconds off my mile time! Started at 6:55 and finished at 6:35! Running faster makes you run faster! Happy running y’all!!” — Recent Program Graduate, Jill W, CA

Is this the right coaching program for you?

This program was designed with the experienced runner in mind as it includes a series of progressive sprint and tempo interval workouts where you push your intensity throughout the month to gain serious strides in your performance. You don’t need to be a marathoner or sprinter for this challenge, but having a solid running base will be essential for your success. If you feel like your running has stalled or you’re ready to set a PR in your next race, this program is the right tool for you. If you’re not sure if you’re ready for this program just yet, be sure to also look at our Basic Run Coaching Program as it’s an excellent prerequisite to this program.

“My goal with this was to break a 7:15 mile… I started at 7:36. This morning a ran a 7:11!!!!! I can’t express how freaking happy I am – this is the fastest mile I have ever run. EVER. At 31 years young!!!” –Recent Program Graduate, Jessie N, CA

What type of results can you expect?

You will get out of this program exactly what you put into it. If you have the drive, we’ll give you the structure and you’ll get the results! By strategically varying the duration and intensity of the work effort with different recovery periods, it will challenge your body and get faster. And you’ll know exactly how much though the details and work included in this program. We have had gals all over the country find success with this training plan. Our favorite success stories are sprinkled throughout this post and we share them to serve as inspiration more than proof that you can improve your speed and stamina following this plan.

“I entered this challenge wanting to do a sub 8 min mile. I hadn’t been able to do that all year and today I did a 7:06. Man it felt good to be going so fast. Thank you ladies you are all amazing!!!” — Recent Program Graduate, Kylee M, CA

How does this coaching program work?

The day you register, you’ll receive instant access to all of the materials. The program is designed to start on a Sunday and you pick the one that works best for you and activate your coaching. After that, your coaches, Sheri and Teresa will pop in your inbox every morning for the duration of your program with coaching notes including workout reminders and other essential runner must-know information. You’ll receive all the coaching, guidance, support and motivation you’ll need to run faster.

Included Coaching Materials and Resources:

  • A 35 Day Training Plan + Goal and Progress Tracker that is right for you ($19 value).
  • Printable Training Logs to record your progress and learnings so you can see exactly what is working and what isn’t ($5 value).
  • Daily Coaching sent directly to your email box every morning for 35 days from SD’s favorite run coach, Sheri Matthews and support from Teresa Marie on hydration and nutrition support ($250 value). These emails include daily workout reminders and a Coaches Corner tip to help you learn the basic fundaments to running strong, confident, happy and injury free — and a little does of motivation, inspiration and runner gal love.
  • Email access to your coaches for one off questions that are not addressed in the training materials. ($250 value).
  • All participants can apply their registration fee to the Training Guide of their choice ($30 value).

That’s more than $550 value received for your $30 registration fee, plus the feeling of satisfaction of investing in yourself and achieving your running goals!

“Reporting in – Did my test mile today. Can’t even believe it: First mile test mile = 13:43. Final test mile: 12:47. So almost a minute faster! So grateful to the coaches Sheri and Teresa.” — Recent Program Graduate, Carol J, MD

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This is an end of the year special price, so don’t delay on registration. Buy the program now, activate it when you’re ready!

“One of my running goals this year was to include more speed work in my running routine. As a life long runner and coach I know how important it is, but I don’t always follow through with my own advice.” Recent Program Graduate — Monica T, NJ

Can I do the 5-Week Advanced Run Program with a friend?

Absolutely –in fact, we encourage you to! Running buddies can make all the difference and the extra accountability can be a huge key to your success. Not only do they help make sure you show up for your runs, they can be there to push you just that much faster. Share this page with a friend and them register and activate their coaching on the same day as you. That way you will both be set up to run stronger, faster and more confidently together. We simply don’t know what we would do without each other and our other amazing running gal pals.

“Pulling 41 seconds off in a month feels pretty awesome (7:58 to 7:17). Thanks to Sheri and Teresa, for all of the information, the inspiration, and most of all, the inclination to get out there on those early mornings. (yawn)” — Recent Program Graduate, Amy A, CA

Sheri and Teresa coaches

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“I ran a 9:21 mile, a 9 second improvement but felt smoother less winded then in beginning of challenge. Then replicated the same 9:20ish mile in a 5 mile race a few days later for a PB. For my 53-year-old legs I was surprised. I guess I worked the schedule better than I thought! Thanks Sheri Matthews and Teresa Marie Howes running whisperers!” –Recent Program Graduate, Beth P, CA

May your running shoes take you many happy places…

Your coaches,

Sheri & Teresa

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