Are you ready to step up your running?

All right gals, we’re going to help you run your first or fastest mile in just 5 weeks! Whether you’ve been walking or running for years or just a few days, if you’re ready to take your sport and fitness to the next level, the 5-Week Basic Run Coaching Program from Gals Who Run is here to guide, coach and cheer you along your path to running success. If your goal is run a full mile without stopping, or if you are looking to train for a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon, this is a great spring board to get you well on your way to success.

Before this program, I would just go out and run… didn’t really stretch, didn’t foam roll, or use the lacrosse ball. I considered the soreness and occasional injury I experienced a natural consequence of running. I learned that I was SO wrong! I stretch and do core work daily now and I am running faster without injury. I truly have learned so much from this program and the interactions with the coaches.

–Recent Program Graduate

Is this the right coaching program for you?

This program was designed for runners of all levels and includes a progressive schedule to safely transition you from walking to jogging or jogging to running in just 5 weeks.  Whether you’ve never run a full mile or you want to take time off your pace, this program is the right tool for you. Even if you are an experienced runner, you can benefit from the interval transition schedule in this plan. If you’re feeling ready for an advanced plan, be sure to also look at our Advanced Run Coaching Program. Regardless of your current skill level, this Basic Run program is an excellent prerequisite to the Advanced Program.

I was SO shocked at the results! I looked at my first runs vs. this last week, and I’ve taken over 45 seconds off my average mile pace!

–Recent Program Graduate

What type of results can you expect?

This coaching program is geared towards the beginner runner and includes a series of progressive workouts where you push your intensity throughout the month and you gradually increase speed and endurance. You give us your commitment that you want to step your running and we’ll give you the structure and support you need to succeed. After just 35 days, you should be able to run a complete mile without stopping or knock one out faster than ever before. The best part? After the 5 weeks is complete, not only are you stronger, faster, more and knowledgeable, you’ll be able to confidently and proudly call yourself a RUNNER!

This is a wonderful program, with great coaches and an amazing group of women!

–Recent Program Graduate

How does this coaching program work?

The day you register, you’ll receive instant access to all of the materials. The program is designed to start on a Sunday and you pick the one that works best for you and activate your coaching. After that, your coaches, Sheri and Teresa will pop in your inbox every morning for the duration of your program with coaching notes including workout reminders and other essential runner must-know information. You’ll receive all the coaching, guidance, support and motivation you’ll need to run faster.

Included Coaching Materials and Resources:

  • A 35 Day Training Plan + Goal and Progress Tracker that is right for you ($19 value).
  • Printable Training Logs to record your progress and learnings so you can see exactly what is working and what isn’t ($5 value).
  • Daily Coaching sent directly to your email box every morning for 35 days from SD’s favorite run coach, Sheri Matthews and support from Teresa Marie on hydration and nutrition support ($250 value). These emails include daily workout reminders and a Coaches Corner tip to help you learn the basic fundaments to running strong, confident, happy and injury free — and a little does of motivation, inspiration and runner gal love.
  • Email access to your coaches for one off questions that are not addressed in the training materials. ($250 value).
  • All participants can apply their registration fee to the Training Guide of their choice ($30 value).

That’s more than $550 value received for your $30 registration fee, plus the feeling of satisfaction of investing in yourself and achieving your running goals!

register now buttonThis is an end of the year special price, so don’t delay on registration. Buy the program now, activate it when you’re ready!

Can I do the 5-Week Advanced Run Program with a friend?

Absolutely –in fact, we encourage you to! Running buddies can make all the difference and the extra accountability can be a huge key to your success. Not only do they help make sure you show up for your runs, they can be there to push you just that much faster. Share this page with a friend and have them register and activate their coaching on the same day as you. That way you will both be set up to run stronger, faster and more confidently together. We simply don’t know what we would do without each other and our other amazing running gal pals.

I am definitely faster. I feel like I am finally improving after being in a “pace rut” for years.

–Recent Program Graduate

Sheri and Teresa with logo

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May your running shoes take you many happy places…

Your coaches,

Sheri & Teresa

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