What to get the gal who runs this holiday . . .

Naughty or nice, we took the liberty of helping you avoid the long lines and crowded shopping centers to snage the hottest holiday gifts to make the runner gal in your life smile, long after the mistle-toe and Kay Jewelers commercials are few and far between.

She’s far from simple:

  1. The perfect bag to get you to the track or just hold your shoes, gear, water, hair ties, socks, glide, hat, glasses, gloves, gps device, the list goes on….

Under Armor’s Gotta Have it Tote (in super cute colors too) We hear winter white:


She not only likes to feel good:

     2. She mixes fashion with function. It’s warm, waterproof, and hey she can run in it, or run the grocer store….

NIKE Women’s Rain Runner Jacket  and it’s on sale! Also comes in cute colors and a little rain doesn’t stop a gal who runs!



She’s leading a healthy lifestyle when she’ not running:

     3. AKA she’s going to park further away just to get her steps, loves to know her heart rate, and has friends to keep up with, one step at time

Fitbit HR warning they come in really awesome colors and will dictate your wardrobe


She’s a planner

4. A goal without a plan is just a wish and she’s a goal digger. Whether she’s running for the first time or training for her first or fastest Marathon she needs a training guide, schedule, and support:

Gals Who Run has Marathon Training guides (70 + pages), the half marathon, and even “how to find your fast in five weeks” for the girl who is sure she’s going succeed. It’s written by a community of women who run, for gals who run.

Half Marathon Plan FI


She likes bling

5. Not the diamond kind, the metal kind! Personalize a medal display for the gal who runs in your life! She’s proud of them, so may as well let them shine all year long:

We love the personalized medal display from Gone For A Run and so will your runner gal!


5.5 and motivational bling

We LOVE Momentum Jewelry – designs that move you! Great for her stocking! We want them for all of our run buds too!



She’s in it for the long run

6. Preventing injuries is always at the top of a gal who runs list and these staple upgrades will maker her (and her muscles feel loved)

The massage at home foam roller: Trigger Point Foam Roller

The traveling runner: The Stick

The stocking stuffer and best gift will ever gift a runner: The ball

lacroasse ball

 She a “Do it all” kind-a gal

7. If she isn’t tracking her pace, splits, mileage, location, elevation, and Kcals burned on her wrist, tell Santa she’s been really good this year:


The Garmin GPS 630 -Calculates 6 advanced running dynamics: stride length, ground contact time balance, vertical ratio, cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time

Still not sure…
8. Tell her to guess what awesome running gift you got her…. and as she rambles off 3 really great things, take note of one those and tell her she’ll have to wait and see 😉

Happy holidays and as always… happy running,



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