2015 was Challenging – in the BEST kind of way!

Over 400 gals who run participated in private run challenges in 2015, all over the US, with friends and alone, to run their first or fastest mile, be consistent through summer, find their fast.  The amazing part wasn’t only the results, but what we all experienced, and felt, as women were a “yes” to participating in group run they could do anywhere!

We kick off 2016 with the most popular, most successful, challenge of 2015 improved, with the guarantee to run your First or Fastest mile ever – and everything that happens in the 28 days between the first and last day is magical!  What better way to spend less than a $1 per day in January to hit the ground, and the NEW YEAR, running! Here’s how to sign up for the first challenge of 2016:


We provide the schedule,  the private group, tips, and coaching, and you follow along, run anywhere, check in and give and receive motivation from gals everywhere. Yep, we think it’s pretty neat too. But, just ask them….

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(a completed schedule from one of our sold-out group runners)

They got really fast, no matter where they started (even we were amazed!)

dec 5 - Copy

“Did my timed mile tonight. I started with a 7:40, and tonight I ran a 7:15. And it felt GREAT. THAT IS CRAZY! I can’t wait to do this again when I’m back and see if I can beat it… SO grateful to galswhorun for letting me know about this and encouraging me to “just be a yes.” I feel so motivated by all of you and the stories and successes and struggles we’ve shared the past month!” – Jesse

They incorporated the 4 week challenge into longer training plans:Jennifer Spengler

“This challenge has made my runs more entertaining. I’ve been training for a marathon & incorporating speed work into it. It has not been easy & there were times when I just couldn’t run for speed as I was running long miles. This has helped my endurance though & has forced me to concentrate on my breathing.” – Renne

The surprised themselves:

“Wow! Four weeks went by fast! I was able to cut 36 seconds off my fastest mile, almost hitting my sub-7:00 goal. Thanks to Sheri Matthews and Teresa Marie Howes for being such great coaches! And, thanks to all the ladies in the challenge for your motivation and encouragement! Rock on!” – Sheila

They went from walking to running (we loved this – as no one should feel intimidated to start!)

“Four weeks ago, I ran .66 before I had to stop for a walk break. Today, I ran my first mile without stopping!! O-M-G!!!!! That was my goal. I am so impressed with myself. Thank you for creating this inspiring and motivating group of women who believe in their dreams”. – Maureen

…and because it’s private, they get real, and real support from other runners:

“Thanks ladies for all your support. I do tend to be hard on myself. I’m gonna shake it off. Tonight I did a 60 min strength training class instead (just so I could say I did!) I’m gonna keep on trucking through, tomorrow’s a new day.
Your encouragement shed some light on LIFE on people today.” – Tammi

“My husband doesn’t really run, so feel a bit selfish or guilty leaving to run, but he seems to think this 4 week challenge is a great way to be flexible and have some accountability besides him.” – Susan

2014-02-10 18.40.11 - Copy

There are highs and lows, lessons, and smiles in a challenge, but the magic occurs only when you commit to 4 weeks, the group, and a better you by January 31st. We’ve yet to regret committing to goal and sharing with friends, we can’t imagine what would stop you either. So…..

We are so excited to see who, and what, is in store the first challenge of 2016 –

” 4 weeks to Your First or Fastest mile”.

We limit participant spaces to keep it personal, intimate, and motivating so reserve your space here for less than $1 per day, for coaching and prizes:

January 1st Challenge REGISTRATION

Happy end of 2015 and thank you from our hearts, and our running shoes,

IMG_1304Gals Who Run


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