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Sheri and Teresa are two gals from San Diego who in short, love to run. Not just because it helps them stay fit and healthy, but because of the community, sense of camaraderie, accomplishment and satisfaction a good run can bring. Between the two, they’ve run 18 marathons, countless half marathons and other local 5 and 10k races. They also both happen to be advocates for health and fitness outside of their personal lives and have a shared mission to help more gals find their best selves through a passion for running. Read on for some details on these two gals, how they’ve built their platforms and how they can’t wait to help you be a happier, stronger, and maybe even faster runner!



Meet Teresa Marie Howes

Your Nutrition Expert & Personal Trainer

Teresa Marie HowesTeresa Marie Howes is a health enthusiast, active blogger, avid runner and published author. Backed with a formal education with degrees in both nutritional science and business, 15 years of professional experience consulting in the weight loss industry, and a personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise, she is always looking for new ways to make fitness fun and weight loss a reality.

Teresa’s running career started in 2001 and has since persevered over 14 marathons, 20+ half marathons, adventure races, 10Ks, 5Ks, mud runs, and many relay races. She’s a race medal junkie who has proudly managed placed in the top three in her division in several local San Diego running events. Her most surprising running achievement was the day she first qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2011. She crushed her goal time by over eight minutes and set her then, half marathon PR on the back half of the marathon course. Not only was it a marathon PR at the time, it was nearly 1:15 faster than her first marathon 10 years earlier.

In addition to being a successful and happy runner, Teresa is also a successful writer in the health/wellness and fitness/nutrition space. Her writing career started when Wiley published “SkinnyTinis – All the Fun for Half the Calories” the first low calorie cocktail book, essentially making her the original Skinny Girl. She is the founder of the 30-Day Challenge Series, a community of over 30K fitness fanatics who commit to daily exercise. She is also the creator of the popular healthy lifestyle blog, Eat. Drink & be Skinny, the health coach behind the digital health coaching program, Simple Secrets and manages corporate wellness program through Teresa Marie Wellness.

Through all of these platforms, she strives to advocate and illustrate the ease and joy of a happy and healthy lifestyle. She is focused and driven to motivate, coach, and instruct healthy hopefuls everywhere on how to live stronger, happier, healthier, and more satisfying lives. Her motto is “It’s not about being perfect, it’s simply about being better.”

Meet Sheri Marie Matthews

Your Professional Running & Certified Life Coach

 A graduate of the University of San Diego, Sheri’s passion for health and fitness is combined with experience in business as a Corporate Wellness professional. An avid runner, she became a recognizable figure in the San Diego running, business and non-profit communities. She is known not just for her personal running achievements, but also for her role in helping others, runners and beyond, find success and happiness.

Sheri is both Spinner and Keiser certified and has made time to instruct interval based spin and cycle classes for eight years in premier clubs in San Diego. In 2013, she was invited to join the Global Run Community (GRC) of run US and Canadian coaches and after 40+ hours of training, she obtained her Long Distance Run Coach certification (RRCA). In 2014, she achieved level II with the Igolu Goal Coaching Program. As a way to inspire others and provide an outlet for her true passion, she founded Sheri Life Fitness where she individually coaches clients before and after her full time career in corporate wellness consulting.

Her qualifications to coach you: Sheri has run 16+ half marathons, finishing top ten in the women’s 30-34 age division as of 2013. She completed her first marathon in 2012, her Boston Qualifying race in January 2013 and third marathon at Boston in 2014, qualifying again in 2015. She’s brought home podium medals the AFC 5k, 15k and local runs in San Diego, earning the respect of top runners and the trust of new runners. She has been featured in Competitor Magazine and Women’s Running Magazine. She’s was elected a run Ambassador for Lululemon International in 2012 and again 2013, attended the summit, and acted as the official 1:35 pacer at the SeaWheeze Half Marathon 2013, 2014, and 2015. As the Lululemon ambassador, she also hosts a weekly sought after run club in the San Diego area. Sheri is one of the first brand Ambassador’s for the Fitbit local team, representing fitbit, making fitness accessible to anyone.

The legacy she will leave behind is one of service, passion, admirable work ethic and positivity ….one mile at a time.

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