Are you ready to run your first or fastest half marathon?


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Is this the right half marathon training guide for you?

Are you a cool chick who runs and is thinking about “training” for your first half marathon? Or are you a seasoned runner gal looking to run your fastest half marathon and get under that 2:oo, 1:45 or sub 1:30 mark? If you’re that gal your friends think of when they say, “I have a friend who runs” because it is just so clearly “your thing,” you will love this guide. It will help you continue to enjoy the sport of running, get stronger and faster and not get hurt while you’re at it. Trust us, this is we Gals Who Run do best! We keep you running longer, harder, healthier, and happier. This half marathon training guide includes the entire full marathon training guide PLUS the bonus half marathon training schedules. 

One thing that sets this guide apart is the emphasis on listening to your individual body, which I have learned (through injuries unfortunately) is so important during exercise. These gals cover everything from optimizing your training schedule to eating right for your body during training, to how to determine what exactly your individual body needs during your training. The authors give you their personal preferences, as well as suggestions that have worked for other runners, and it all comes together in this wonderful guide that I am confident can help any gal run her first, or fastest, marathon. I highly recommend this book, as well as tackling your first marathon. Happy running!  

–Meghan K.

What type of results can you expect?

We designed this guide to help you train for your first or fastest half marathon. If you give us your commitment, we’ll give you a plan you can look forward to carrying out. You’ll be set up to achieve a PR and feel that immense accomplishment at your finish line. This guide will also help you avoid runner burn out, prevent injury and fatigue and essentially, end up a more educated and happy runner. And after you run your half marathon, you’ll be all set with the entire full marathon training guide as well!

How does this half marathon training guide work?

You will get all of the information in the comprehensive, 70-page digital Marathon Training Guide and it will be available the minute you complete your purchase. In addition to that resource, you’ll receive these tools, specific to the half marathon:

What you get from training with a Gals Who Run Half Marathon program:

  • The 70+ page detailed Gals Guide to Running Your First Marathon PLUS
  • Special letters from your coaches with words of advice and experience as it pertains to the 13.1 distance.
  • 1 beginner, easy two follow 12 week training schedule with 2 weeks of post race recovery built in to help you train for your first half marathon.
  • 1 advanced, easy two follow 12 week training schedule with 2 weeks of post race recovery built in to help you train for your fastest half marathon.

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If you’re ready to get to that finish line, we’re excited to coach you through it! This half marathon training guide is designed to help you get there with satisfaction and a smile!

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May your running shoes take you many happy places,

Teresa & Sheri

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