Despite the fact that it snowed (What the heck!) at the Syracuse Marathon this weekend, seriously winter you can hide now, summer is going to be here before you know it!


The Syracuse snow didn’t stop the half marathoners on April 4th 2016

The beauty of running is that by starting anything now, whether it’s a training program for a marathon, a half marathon, or just getting into a routine, it will give you more than the “beach body” every newsstand uses to sell magainzes every April . . . it will make you a better runner! Call us crazy, but we would rather save the $4.75 per that sells the beach body workout and use it for a juice post run.


So, here it is already April 6th, 2016 – Happy National Walking Day!  While it’s technically Spring, winter didn’t really get the memo! So hats, and gloves, off to all the runners who made it out there in the snow last weekend!

All runners were at one time walkers – so we love walkers too and we understand! Are you that walker, or former runner, who wants to get back into it? Maybe a runner who needs a plan that’s not “too much too soon?”

How many times have you heard someone say “I’m not really a runner?”  Too many to count? What about “I tried running, but I got hurt”.   Hmm yep we’ve heard that too.  It’s true, do too much of anything too soon and it’s not going to go so well. All of us who do run, love it soooo much we want to help our discouraged walking counterparts.

In 5 weeks you can be a runner, or a better-than-you-are now runner. So instead of “beach body” by summer, how about advancing your running by summer.  In fact, we know it works, because in 2015, the sold out Beginner Run Challenge went so well, we turned into to a program you can do on your own – with an email everyday and an easy plan to follow. We did the work to each you what you need to know, how much, and when, and all you have to do is your part. Read about it HERE or start yours whenever you would like.

5 week beginner running program

Here’s what you learn and receive:

  • 35 day (5 week) training guide
  • Daily email with tips, stretches, and insight
  • Strength drills made for female runners
  • The structure and support you need t to run a complete mile without stopping or knock one out faster than ever before.

Here’s what the gals from all around the U.S. said about the Basic/Beginner Run Program:

“I use to run but had a serious lower back injury  in October, and have only recently started doing running intervals again. I’ve been focused on strengthening my core, walking and and building my running base back up. I appreciate the structure of this program – thank you!” – Jennifer W.

” With the 2 minute intervals I kept telling myself, “you can do anything for 2 minutes! It’s just 2 minutes!” And the time flew by. Yay!” – Sarah T.

” After the program, I did Run 4 Shelter 5K this past Saturday and had a PR and actually won my age group – first time with other people in it! Yikes! I’m suprised and so pleased! Thank you coachces” – Carol J.


This is how we feel when you complete your 5 week program!

So, countdown until summer, sun, and warmer temps! Technically that’s 74 days, but whose counting? So, today is a great day to start something your future self will thank you for. Be it a marathon training program (it’s 70 pages of awesome), a half marathon (give yourself 12 weeks), or the fastest mile you’ve ever run (5 weeks), that’s something to be proud of. Before you know it, those newsstands will say,” get in shape up by the holidays”. We would rather run happy for life.



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