The “B” Word. You know the one. . .It stops you dead in your tracks, lets runs get away from you, and has plagued most runners at one time.  It usually comes out “I am so B-U-S-Y!” Good news. We get it!

Here’s how to ensure you get your run in when life gets busy. Maybe work get’s crazy, you work for yourself, your commute takes hours, or the kids or a loved one often come before your run…you can take your life back, and get your run in! In fact, it’s a must.

1. Commit to a specific distance and a “by when” date. If you want to run a marathon, but honestly you don’t have the time to dedicate, start with a 5k or 10k! Instead of overbooking yourself and insisting you register for a race, plan a training schedule and juggle other responsibilities, be honest with yourself and only commit to things you can truly give 100%. Having a goal and specific number of Xs you can commit to running is a great start! A few weeks or months working up to a shorter race is better than a lackluster failed attempt at a longer distance.

2. Have a plan of attach – a real honest weekly schedule that dictates how much to run and when! This prevents injury and does the planning for you. Half Marathon and Marathons need at least 12 weeks: Training plans and guides here. A DIY 5 week speed program here. Or, just want to be a faster or more dedicated runner: Use an Advanced or Beginner 5 week Program that you can stick to!

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A plan from the basic run program to go from walk/jog to run/run longer!

3. Set that alarm 30 to 60 minutes earlier. After all, a 20 minute run is better, longer, and more effective, than a run that does not happen later in the day. This may mean training yourself to get to bed a little bit earlier each week.  *Studies show that morning runners are more productive and make healthier choices throughout the rest of the day. I think it’s the endorphins, but maybe it’s just because they’ve started their day by enjoying the world before everyone has woken up and the noise of life has truly begun.

4. Plan ahead: Pack the night before – for the next day. Have your running gear, goes, and fuel, ready to go so that on the way to or from your destination, work, school, etc. it’s more likely to happen!

Keep a gym bag in your car or at your desk with running clothes so you’re always ready.

Know your travel/weekend schedule and shift workouts to accommodate other plans if something comes up.

Schedule time with friends when it won’t impede getting your run done (but do schedule it!).

5. Confide in a friend! In an age where a friend is a text, like, tweet, or message away, have one who will hold you accountable. Commit to checking in after each of your weekly runs. Your entire facebook contact list does not want to know every time you run, trust us, but if you let a supportive (not the all-about-me) friend know you’re working on making your runs a priority, our bet is you’re more likely to get it done when you have her to tell and she’ll enjoy being part of you sticking to it!

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A good run buddy supports your goals, ask a friend to hold you accountable!

6. Don’t Run! Wait what?!? That’s right! Taking your rest seriously will do three things: 1. Allow you to get some of other life’s errands done (hi laundry) 2. Recover physically to avoid injury and 3. Mentally allow you to look forward to the next run that you won’t want to miss!


7. Be flexible: Not like yoga flexible, but that’s good for you too. We mean, be easy going but committed. Maybe the kids have soccer Saturday, or the in-laws are in town so there goes your 7am run. No problem, do it on your Thursday lunch, or Sunday instead. In the big picture, quality over quantity and an easier going attitude to shift plans is going to make the experience nicer.

Still can’t get that run in?

Maybe it’s time to consider runner burn out, and switch it up all together: Beating Runner Burnout

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We’ll let you unplug, detach, shut off the screen, and get back to your run….

your busy runner coaches,


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