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Is this the right marathon training guide for you?

Are you a cool chick who runs and is thinking about “training” for your first marathon? Or are you a seasoned runner gal looking to run your fastest marathon or even qualify for the Boston Marathon? If you’re that gal your friends think of when they say, “I have a friend who runs” because it is just so clearly “your thing,” you will love this guide. It will help you continue to enjoy the sport of running, get stronger and faster and not get hurt while you’re at it. Trust us, this is we Gals Who Run do best! We keep you running longer, harder, healthier, and happier.

Thank you GWR for the training guide, helping with a huge goal to Boston Qualify! You are the best! I am so grateful and BQ’d, Boston bound in 2015! I followed the 12 week program and have never been faster, fitter, or stronger!

Liberty T. – EnVie Fitness Owner and Runner

Have you ever pondered any of these runner woes?

  • What about the wall? Is it real? How do I avoid it?
  • Do I have to do speed work? What kind? When? How long?
  • What do I eat before my long run, or after my run, or during my run?
  • What do I wear? How do I avoid chaffing?
  • Do compression socks work?
  • What sort of shoes should I wear? When do I need new shoes?
  • Why does my knee hurt?
  • My friend wants to run but she’s slower than I am, do I go?
  • Is strength training important? If so, what and when should I do it?
  • Does everybody think running is awful while they are running?
  • Do I need to stretch? How and for how long?
  • How many days a week should I run?
  • Do I have to cross train?

If the answer is yes to any of those, this is the right marathon training guide for you!

What type of results can you expect?

We designed this guide to help you train for your first or fastest full marathon. By following it, you can look forward a training plan that you enjoy and look forward to carrying out. You’ll be set up to achieve a PR and feel that immense accomplishment at your finish line. This guide will also help you avoid runner burn out, prevent injury and fatigue and essentially, end up a more educated and happy runner.  We won’t tell you that it will be easy, if it were, everyone would run marathons.  But the most amazing part is, despite the pain, you will feel on top the world when you accomplish things in your running shoes that you may never have dreamed were possible. Yes, that moment can occur because it’s not easy, but this guide showed you what to do and you worked for it!

How does this training guide work?

This is a comprehensive, 70-page digital Marathon Training Guide that is available the minute you complete your purchase. You will have instant access to all the information on nutrition, hydration, training and other essential race strategies to find success. Specifically, your guide will include:

  • 1 beginner, easy two follow 12 week training schedule with 2 weeks of post race recovery built in to help you train for your first marathon. this schedule provides distances to follow to ensure you build endurance and avoid injury.
  • 1 advanced, easy two follow 12 week training schedule with 2 weeks of post race recovery built in to help you train for your fastest marathon. This schedule includes specific speed and tempo workouts for you to build power and increase speed as you build on your existing endurance.
  • A 70+ page electronically downloadable, environmentally friendly guide, complete with everything you need to know from now until after weeks after you cross the finish line.
  • Continuous support via email, our Facebook community, and newsletters.
  • Bonus healthy recipes, access to discounts offered to Gals Who Run readers and frequent race entry giveaways.

Topics covered in the marathon training guide are divided into 3 sections:

1. Training for Performance: Training schedules, first or fastest (12 weeks +2 weeks recovery), runner terminology and decoding workouts, speed workouts breakdown, rest and recovery information, strong running form and technique, strength training and injury prevention, taking care of your body and your feet.

2. Fueling for Performance: A the basics of a healthy runner’s diet, proper fueling during runs, pre-run and post recovery strategies, how caffeine and alcohol fit into marathon training and what’s the right carbo loading strategy for you.

3. Mental Preparation: How to handle and maximize tapering, power of positive thinking, when to push through – when to pull back, race day strategies for success.

You will also get these awesome Bonuses:

  • Marathon must know’s, gear and tips, words of wisdom, things we wish we knew without learning the hard way.
  • 12 Week free premium subscription to Rock My Run for unlimited music mixes from every genre.
  • Healthy Recipe Guide with 73 healthy recipes to help you run for performance.

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Wherever you are in your running, we will guide you through an easy to follow, fun to read program that will bring you to new levels of running success.  No matter your pace, skill level, race history, this guide can help you — because we are all runners.

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May your running shoes take you many happy places,

Teresa & Sheri

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