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 Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 12.15.47 PMStrategies for Fueling, Training & Mentally Preparing for Peak Performance

Are you an eager gal who loves to run who…

==>Thinks a marathon would be a good idea, but don’t really know where to start?

==> Is already a marathoner looking for specific and tactical information to improve your time?

Either way, the strategies, information and stories in A Gal’s Guide to Running Your First or Fastest Marathon can help you get to your finish line with satisfaction and a smile! This guide is written by gals who run, for gals who run!

When you purchase this comprehensive, digital guide, you gain instant access to all the fueling, training, and mental strategies you need to perform at your best. You’ll also learn the small details that are truly “Marathon Must-Knows” and they come from years of experience and dozens of marathon mornings.


Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.13.05 PMIn this Gal’s Guide, we cover the must know about basic NUTRITION, including:

-The Basics of A Healthy Runner’s Diet and the fine line between fueling for performance and weight loss at the same time
-Carbohydrates: love ’em or hate ’em, as a runner you need ’em and the RIGHT way to “carbo-load”
-Alcohol, are you a social runner who enjoys the occasional drink? Heed our advice here
-Fueling before, during and after your training runs so you can run well and get on with your life
-Proper hydration strategies to keep you performing and glowing from start to finish and beyond
-Dozens (um…try 70+!) of healthy recipes to fuel your perfect runner body!

If there is one thing gals who run like to talk about more than running, it’s eating.

And we talk about what to eat while we run and we think about how the food we eat will help us while we run. The two go hand in hand and either work together — or don’t! When you purchase a Gal’s Guide, you have like your very own little nutrition coach hanging out on the side lines giving you tips and tricks as you build a stronger and faster body. How cool is that?


Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.12.48 PMIn this Gal’s Guide, you get the 411 on TRAINING, including:

-TWO 12-week marathon training schedules with 2 weeks of recovery training built in
-Specific training plans that will get you to the finish line for the first time or in the fastest time — you decide!
-Basic runner terminology and workout descriptions so you know exactly what to do each day
-Fundamentals of a good warm-up, basic runner form, stretching, cross training and strength training
-How to prevent the most common of runner injuries — include taking care of your precious feetsies.
-Rest and recovery and the important role they play in marathon training

There isn’t “a right way ” to train for every runner gal on the planet.

Finding your perfect pace takes experience, time on your feet and lots of instruction and advice. When you purchase a Gal’s Guide, you get two coaches who have run and done a LOT! They have found what works and what doesn’t for themselves and their main goal is to help you do the same!


Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.12.33 PMIn this Gal’s Guide, you get insight and food for thought to MENTALLY PREPARE yourself:

-How do you wrap your head around running or racing 26.2 miles?
-When is it right to push through fatigue and when do you know to pull back?
-What is the power of positive thinking and how can it help you be a better runner?
-How do you manage taper and all the weird things that are going on with your body?
-How do you get the best strategy together for race day success?

If 26.2 was as simple as eating well and training right…

While eating and training are certainly two very important parts of the puzzle, they are not the only things that  get you to the finish line. You need to know how to train your mind as well. “The body will do what your mind can see.” Mentally preparing for success can easily be overlooked and it can make or break your race day in a heart beat.


Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.13.59 PMIn this Gal’s Guide, you get essential MARATHON MUST KNOW’s:

-How to pick the right marathon for you
-What must-have gear should you try out and bring along?
-How do you get the right running shoe for your foot?
-How do you pick the right running buddy and how do you manage that relationship?
-A list of our other favorite running resources!

These little details can be like the icing on your marathon cake.

You spend 12 weeks mixing and baking and you can come up with a pretty tasty cake. But with the right frosting — you miss so much of the fun! Consider this section the right frosting. The one that makes your marathon delicious! Picking the right race, having the right gear and the right training buddies are like the perfect frosting for your very well baked marathon cake!



There are a lot of ups and downs you come across in training. The ups feel like nothing you’ve ever known and the downs can leave you in tears. It’s part of the experience and the addiction we all have with the sport. Expect them both and be prepared. You craft your marathon Mantra when you’re just getting started — most motivated and optimistic. You revisit it as you get stronger to see how far you have come and when you are down. It’s powerful when your own words can pull you back up off our butt and put one foot back in front of the other and send you off on your happy trails!

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Needs some sweet tunes to keep you company on the road for your 12 weeks of training? Our friends at RockMyRun are giving you gals free access to RockMyRun Premium for 3-months.  From rock and pop to metal, country and dub step, RockMyRun has DJ’d mixes from every genre.  All of them are created with ideal running tempos and they are awesome!  Even better, they have some technology that adjusts the tempo of the mixes to match or motivate your pace.   RockMyRun is a free app on iPhone and Android.  Your free 3 months of premium service gets you mixes that are up to 4 hours long plus all of that cool technology to adjust music tempo.

Are you ready to get running? We Are!

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    This looks Great! Sheri is one of the best Gals Who Run i’ve ever met, and she will guide you to your first or fastest marathon with a smile on your face!

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