“I  have too many running shoes”

 – no runner ever

It's the first, most crucial piece of equipment needed to run, but choose the wrong pair of running shoes and you could be sidelined as quickly as you started.
Found the right shoe for you? Great! But do you know how to tie them, like really tie them, best for your feet?


Knowing the physical shape of our feet can really help your shoes fit properly.  Had we’d know this when we started running, we may have saved ourselves blisters, slip ups, and even the dreaded show untying mid run or worse…race.

The wonderful thing about running is that years into it, miles later, we constantly learn new tricks, and are reminded of old ones.  Ever wished someone had made a laundry list of these “to-do’s”? It would have saved us a lot of pain, a whole lotta money at the ART (chiropractor) guys office, and some embarrassment too.

The Basic Run Program for only our Gals Who Run, does just this over 5-weeks. It’s more than running, with mental tips, fueling strategy’s, and even a few funny things only runners that are ramping back up, or starting fresh, recall. Our goal: is once a day, via email, to remind you of these things, teach you something new, and keep you on track with support when you need, so that next year, you are not “starting fresh next year”. Shoe tying laces included….and so much more!

May your running shoes take you many happy places (with specially tied laces perfect for your feet),



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One Response to No two feet are alike! Are you tying your shoes right?

  1. Jes says:

    This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing this video 🙂

    I have been in basically the same model of Mizuno Wave Inspire runners (used to wear Wave Mustangs before that) since I was 16. Once you find something that works so well why change it?!

    I am also an advocate of ‘lock lace’ style of shoe tying as it is probably the number one complaint I hear.

    The offset lacing is a new one and I am excited to share with my sister as she often complain about numbness in her feet. Perhaps this will help her 🙂

    It would be great to know an alternate way of lacing where the bow/knot is not up at the top at the ankle crease. I often get a bump here (especially when I am building my mileage) that can be quite painful like a bruise. I think I will have to get creative 🙂

    Thanks again for always sharing awesome and helpful content!

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