What’s love go to do with it? Everything! Reasons to love running . . . 


We have all learned a lot about life over the years from running.  Through the life ups and downs, deaths, births, job changes, relationship changes, one things has been constantly reliable, supportive, and there for us. The 14 reasons we love running . . .


14. There is not app for it.

13. Relationship Status doesn’t matter – You don’t need a plus 1. Correct us if we are wrong, but we’ve never seen a single or married box on a race entry registration.

12. Pasta – it’s a reason to eat carbs

11. Shoes – you are allowed to say:  “I need new running shoes”

10. Convenience – runners are not required to shower and dress in street close for hours a time if they say the words, “I just ran.”

9. Justify boring – The excuse “I HAVE TO run tomorrow” get us out of everything – it justifies an early bed times, leaving parties, social gatherings, and anything after 7 p.m.


8. Skinny Jeans – legs look better if you run

7. Timeless – not like marathon time, like, your actual age doesn’t matter

6. Regret free – “I really regret that run!” – said no one EVER

5. Dr. Laura – It’s a cost effective therapy you can do anywhere


4. Character building – After a good run, anything is easy. Kids sick? no problem! Boss in a bad mood? No sweat!

3. It’s a natural high – the feeling of a good run lasts longer then the run itself. “I”m the king of the world (said like Leo)”

2.  It’s fun – as a child we ran because it was fun. Remember that child is still in there!

and our #1 reason we love running…

1. BFFs – Run friends – if you want to really to know someone, run with them.

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