Running Successes

Who doesn’t love a good story?

Especially when it comes from a successful Gal Who Runs? We’re inspired by these gals and thrilled with their running successes! They are running faster, farther and stronger through commitment, focus, dedication and drive!

Running Challenge Successes:

I loved the community support and that I never felt alone in this challenge. I discovered the magic of the lacrosse ball and learned other tips that have definitely improved my running and recovery. Before the challenge, I would just go out and run… didn’t really stretch, didn’t foam roll, or use the lacrosse ball. I considered the soreness and occasional injury I experienced a natural consequence of running. I learned that I was SO wrong! I stretch and do core work daily now and I am running faster without injury. I truly have learned so much from this Challenge and the interactions with the coaches and fellow challengers.


I live in a small town and don’t have anyone I can run with, so this is a huge help to me. I also tend to keep to myself about my running because I fear the non-runners in my life will get tired of hearing about it, so it’s nice to be in virtual running community where everyone is working toward similar goals. So thank you for this!!!


I loved the schedule and the accountability on FaceBook. I’d usually go there first to make sure I was on track and to pick up any tips before I’d start my day or run. Loved being able to check in and read other’s progress. It was motivating to read other gal’s check-ins and be able to relate with the runners who were similar to me and faster too.


I have learned so much from this challenge. I have now gotten into the habit of stretching and soft tissue work daily, which has helped me avoid injury. I received advice on running equipment and purchased a new Garmin Forerunner 220, which I absolutely love! I interacted with gals at different points in the spectrum of this running journey. Some more experienced and some less… with the common goal of being better. I was truly inspired!


Oh my gosh I never would have gone without knowing I had to report back!! I was seeing all your posts coming in and it helped motivate me to get my run done! I went at 9am (too late for this heat and it was horribly hot 🔥🔥☀😓)!!! I wanted to stop like SEVEN times, but I kept going, you guys Helped me keep going!! Whoo hoo, I love the structure and support of this group. Awesome. We ROCK, ladies!!!

– Kellie, San Diego


I would have NEVER put on my running shoes today without all the inspiration from your posts yesterday. You’ve all reminded me that I am a runner and with this group I know why I run…runners are awesome people!”

– Sandra New York


“I’m proud to have still ran it today! So thankful for this group and the support and motivation! I plan to keep this running schedule up now that I know how my schedule is gonna be for the semester!”

– Emily, Texas


5K done! And a PR – 4minute per mile faster pace than last one in May. So pumped! Thanks for a great month- coaching, motivation, and great camaraderie – will miss you gals for sure. Happy trails!”

– Carol J.


Had the fabulous benefit of running the last mile of my virtual 5k with my cross training group this morning. Final time of 26:45. One of my fastest ever. Having the final boost of smiles and support at the end definitely made a difference. Thanks for a great session.”


I got super curious about my split times across those 4+ miles, and found out my second mile is still my fastest, but only a 4 second improvement (which I’ll gladly take!). My third mile and fourth miles, where I really struggle, are now 38 and 47 seconds faster, respectively. That last little bit over 4 miles is 1 minute 14 seconds faster, and I’m running a further distance. So excited to see how I’ve improved”

– Amber, Murrietta California


Thank you GWR for the training guide, helping with a huge goal to Boston Qualify! You are the best! I am so grateful and BQ’d, Boston bound in 2015! I followed the 12 week program and have never been faster, fitter, or stronger!

Liberty – EnVie Fitness Owner and Runner


About a month before running my first marathon (The San Francisco Marathon – which is a FABULOUS course if you’ve never done it) the A Gal’s Guide To Running Your First or Fastest Marathon was published. Although I had been asking anyone and everyone I knew who had completed marathons before me for tips, I found several words of wisdom and pieces of advice in this guide that either reassured me that I was on the right track, or gave me ideas for new things to try for my next race. And I learned so many new things about the long run.

Personally, I think one of the most helpful parts of the guide is the workouts that Sheri and Teresa give their readers for speed work. Track workouts and fartleks are something that I had never done before reading this guide and I can say that they have significantly improved my performance on longer runs.

One thing that sets this guide apart is the emphasis on listening to your individual body, which I have learned (through injuries unfortunately) is so important during exercise. These gals cover everything from optimizing your training schedule to eating right for your body during training, to how to determine what exactly your individual body needs during your training. The authors give you their personal preferences, as well as suggestions that have worked for other runners, and it all comes together in this wonderful guide that I am confident can help any gal run her first, or fastest, marathon. I highly recommend this book, as well as tackling your first marathon.

– Meghan K. California

Gals Who Run Coaches

Sheri consistently inspires me to be not only the best runner, but the best person, that I can be. Many Monday night run clubs, a few tough half marathons, and one incredibly special Thursday morning shakeout run later and I can honestly say I’ve never seen Sheri without a smile on her face and an encouraging word.

This year has been transformational for me and she was a part of that. I was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon in September, and my last run before my qualifier was a beautiful beach run with Sheri. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to calm my nerves and boost my confidence.
Sheri recently finished her 2 year commitment as the Lululemon La Jolla Run Ambassador. This position is an amazing honor that was then bestowed on me. If I can change half as many lives and inspire half as many people as Sheri has been able to, than it will have been a huge success.
If you haven’t made the time to meet Sheri, whether in her personal or professional world, then do. Because you are missing out on a wonderfully talented, inspiring, and smart runner, woman, and friend. Through Sheri I met Coach Teresa, and equally wonderful and talented runner, with knowledge and experience to match. They make a great team, for the right reasons”.

– Lauren P. San Diego, (runAliveSD)

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