You can spot them a mile a way.

Ever see another person at the coffee shop, or the farmers market, and by giving them a good ol’ up down, (ie – assessing their shoes, wearable devices, sweaty hats, or inability to walk up and down stairs), and you can just tell their a runner?

Well, you can weed ’em out and know you’re a runner when….

You’re reading this just to be sure you know “runner” things.  All jokes aside, there are certain things that are unspoken rights of passage:

  1. You know the correct way to lace your “running shoes.

2. Speaking of shoes, there are two types of shoes: Shoes and your running shoes


3. Don’t be bashful, a watch tan is a badge of honor. Photo cred: Run.Selfie.Repeat (check her blog it’s great!)


4. You know value and can be frivolous and cheap in the same day. No way will you fork over $40 for a movie date, but $40 to run three point one miles in a 5K is a no brainier. Sign us up!

you vs year

run tips (literally) if you put $1 in a jar every time you run this year – it’s a few 5K entries, a trip…or new shoes!


5. Runners. Also knows as… liars. Uh-huh. We are on to you if you’re said any of the following “lies” without batting an eye:

  • Lie: I’m going to take some time off. Truth: Sure, 4 day at most. 
  • Lie I’m going to take it easy on vacation. Truth: I am going run, but in a new place, on vacation and sorta leisurely 
  • Lie: I’ll be back in 30 minutes. Truth: I’ll be back whenever I feel like that was enough running
  • Lie: :I’m never doing that again. Truth: Pfffft. “Oh look, a marathon, let’s sign up!”

6. You’ve done a “half-mary”. A what?  Like a “hail-marry” where you just put it out there and see what happens. AKA not training properly for a half marathon.  Maybe  don’t need help. You’ve done it a million times, so the question is, “do runners really need a plan?.” Yes, even elites and pros need coaches, and programs. We do too! It’s just a fact, we do better when we have e a clear plan, goal, and some accountability. Have 5 weeks to train? HERE you go. Have 12 weeks to train for a further distance? HERE you go.  Just want to get faster? HERE you go.  But, I mean you could totally do it yourself, you know better than the pros. All kidding aside, GWR  programs are designed to start when you want and fit into your lifestyle when you want.

Advanced Run Program

Want to get faster? 5 weeks and click HERE

7. A coach is cool if you’re a runner, however we have never met a “jog coach”. Need a coach? Here’s how to Find the Perfect Coach by Women’s Running. We love So Cal Runner Gal, (AKA Instagram: @socalrunnergal),  and each had the pleasure of running with her for Boston ’13 and ’16.  She coaches YOU if you’re a good fit!

lastly…watch your language. 

8. A runner uses the word “need”.  Word to the wise, your non running friends may look at you oddly when you say “I NEED to run ____ miles at _____ o’clock (enter awful early time) in the morning.” No matter that the blanks are – you are not normal to them.

run buds

We get it, just make sure your running shoe laces are up to par, you’re a runner not a jogger.

xo Sheri and Teresa (also runners /  non-joggers)



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