Does this sound familiar?  ” I can’t wait for January, I will start fresh!”

Months before that thought crossed the minds of women all over the country, the GWR team began preparing for the first 4-week Run Challenge of 2016 “First or Fastest Mile”  (click for details and registration) starting 1.1.2016!

Our most popular run challenge from 2015, designed to give gals a run routine a goal with a deadline, coaching, and a support group,  is back!  Not only that…it’s improved. The private face book group that comes along with registration is now open, but here’s the real deal on what it is, what’s hard, and why it works:

1. It does not matter how fast, or not-so-fast you run (or shuffle along)

No one is slow. You are where you are 1.1.16 an that is not where you’ll be 1.31.16! It’s individual, and the intervals or for time. 5 minutes of sprinting or walking, is still 5 minutes, but by the end of the 4 weeks we know it will be easier to run, you’ll be faster , no mater what pace you started or where in the world you run! (we love our Canada and Europe gals!)


2. We’re women:

“I will… if YOU will” tends to work, and even more so, when someone else’s success depends on your participation, we step up to the plate. Challenges work well when you join with a friend, or meet new ones to check in with in the grup. Think of that time you ran or walked because you had a friend to join you.

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3. You invested ($ + time)

You are receiving coaching every day, tips, ideas, stretches, suggestions, that make you excited to go run. A run coach can cost hundreds of dollars, and you’re getting the same information for $1/ day. Even a small investment of our time, and money, makes us more likely to stick to something that is not free.  Plus you get reminders and “how-to’s” like this….

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4. You’re busy

We get it. You don’t have to meet a group, you can swap days, you can do it early morning or the evening, but it makes you make time for you: time to walk, jog, or run!

5. You verbal’d (it’s a thing)

When you see other when in the group completing the days workout, cross training, or rest, you’re more app to get yours done.

Ug! I was not going to go today, it’s cold and my husband worked late, but when I read everyone’s check in I put the kids to bed and got it done! I feel so much better! Thank you for the push gals!!

6. You realize a lot of about your own commitment to goals (of any kind)

If I can commit to 4 weeks, who knows what else you can achieve? Flip side, why not, it’s just 4 weeks. You can do it!

7. You see other positive women runners all over struggling

Not like misery loves company, but one off day, or missed run, does not ruin your whole month. You’re human and it’s OK. Big picture, you get back on the horse the next day, the group will insist!

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.53.35 PM

8. What’s more fun than crushing a goal on your own?

Seeing others surprise themselves as they improve too!

9. We talk real

Your coaches are gals who run. Sometimes we are funny (in our comments in your face book group), have off days,  and sometimes we too are amazed at the inspiration in the challenge group, and we are real runners just like you, who LOVE the community aspect.

Sheri and Teresa with logo

10. It’s (only) 4 weeks

We all spend more than $28 on junk that does not us better all the time. I have few shirts in my closet I’d trade for a healthy month. This 4 weeks is priceless, but you don’t know until you see it or yourself, and why we are so excited, one gal at time, to do it with  you.

11. The more you give the more you get

The more gals in the group, the stronger. The more each gals puts in, the better the energy in the group. It’s an awesome viscous cycle! We hope you’ll join too, not only for a better 4 weeks for yourself, but for the other women who said “yes” to the First or Fastest 4-week Run Challenge

so…. REGISTER HERE. Check your email (and spam). Download your materarials. Join the group by clicking the link the email.

That’s why they work. Pretty simple right? The hardest part? Keeping up with your laundry because you’re going to have so many sweaty, dirty, workout clothes! Good luck!


your SUPER excited GWR coaches!

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