September 22, 2015

The power of a running group



I will….

If  you will.

Can be a good thing if you are Gal Who Runs.  Or, if you have a friend who is.

We started Gals Who Run a couple of years ago, because of our gratitude for the community that comes with running…support, friendships, encouragement, and accountably –and our desire to share all of those things.  So, here is the heart behind the challenges we facilitate, because I’ve never been into selling anything, I like to invite you to be better, inspired, and include your friends…because that is exactly why we started getting up at 4am to post in these challenge groups, check in on your progress…and feel so proud that it works.

The run challenges, are private groups of gals who choose to register, to be encouraged, coached, and held accountable for the duration of the challenge, in a facebook group only they have access too.

It’s quite amazing to see what transpires while women participate in the Gals Who Run “run challenges“. Goals are crushed, PRs happen, ups and downs, and the encouragement from former strangers all over the US and Beyond, who know they  are stronger with the power of a group -who is also running, learning, and doing the same challenge.

Both the June and August Challenges were sold out before the start date, as we aim to keep them personalized, customized, and manageable, so no gals get left behind. As we approach the October 1st, “Find Your Fast” 4-week speed challenge, it’s wonderful to see woman of all paces, commit to train to  be a bit, or a lot, faster by November 1st. What’s to lose?

How? Register here

Ask a friend to do it too — it’s a twofer. I know I don’t let my run friends down, so yes, you will see my own personal run friends in this challenge to, and you and I will get to check in for 4 -weeks too…from wherever  you run! It’s nice for women who run alone too, seeing daily, many overcome excuses or struggles to stick to their4 weeks.

All the coaching, guidance, support, and motivation you’ll need to learn to run faster, for than $1 per day. I know if I pay for anything I’m vested, and seriously this is priceless. You will receive an email with a schedule that begins 10.1.15 and more….

Specifically, you’ll receive the following benefits and access as soon as you register for the challenge:

  1. A 28-Day Running Schedule that is customizable to meet your fitness and lifestyle needs
  2. Daily coaching on running form, mental preparation, warm up, cool down, hydration advice and healthy juice and smoothie recipes from Gals Who Run coaches, Sheri Matthews and Teresa Marie and guests
  3. Community support and access to a private group of committed runners for accountability and motivation (priceless). Even though the challenge does not start until 10/1/15, will be open as soon as registration opens on 9/15. You’ll have access to informally chat with fellow runners as soon as you register!
  4. Prizes for participation and achieving milestones from our favorite brand partners  and all finishers will be eligible for the GRAND prize
  5. All participants can apply their registration fee as a discount to the Training Guide of their choice if you need the 13.1 or 26.2 guides
  6. Running-Track-_-Med 1

I don’t want to talk you into committing to yourself for 4 weeks, positive coaching and support, or healthy, fulfilling fast fun. I want you to want that for yourself. I’ve been the recipient of that support, and it’s powerful, but it starts with you. Added bonus…  You keep everything you learn in your run knowledge toolbox, both about running, and life.

I will….if you will. and I hope you will, because my run friends have gotten me here and who knows where by November 1st.


Sheri (a gal who runs to inspire (see bib)- because you do)

molly sd half


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