It’s Probably A Good Idea to Run Like a 3 Year Old

There are books, Apps, magazines, blogs, studies, reports, and probably some ancient cave painting somewhere on how to . . . run.  Add a coach’s opinion and you’ll hear it all.

Then, before you run. You need gear, lots of it. And fuel, and there are lots of options.

In that case, trying to implement and remember all 459234. 9 tips at one time is more exhausting than marathon.

Have you ever watched a run child run? They just go, w/o over thinking it, very naturally. Well, guess what, you were once that child too!

So, here are 5 tips from, you got it, a three year old, that will actually help your weekend run.

  1. Location. Remember when you were a child and saw a large open field of grass – the possibilities are endless! Pick a location that makes you so excited to go run that you do! You would just run, and run and run that is until ….
kid 1

Looks like a track to me!

  1. Distractions. Oh look, a butterfly, a dandelion to blow, or even your own fascinating shadow. In that case, running can come later, and you notice and enjoy your surroundings. Children are easily distracted by simple beautiful things. As adults, we tend to chalk it up to their attention spans, but we think they just appreciate the small natural beauties found while running. Try it! Amazing what that you’ll find. I don’t know that we’ve noticed our shadow in years, but pretty sure she’s there somewhere.
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This is awesome!

  1. F – U – N. That’s right, whether it was a good ol’ fashion game of tag or running with your arms out to see if you’ll actually fly, we dare you to do both. It’s impossible not to smile, thus running just became fun again. Quick trick to make running fun: smile while you do it. Watch the faces of passer -byers. It’s very entertaining. Add a high five and we can only imagine how much fun you’ll be having.
kid 4

I believe I can fly…

  1. BFFs. Running with a friend is more fun, motivating, and it’s a social date – a twofer. You may have to give up a bit of speed, or distance, or in same cases speed up to where you can’t talk, but friends are natural as children. No running friends? Check out a free run group in your area – willing to be they are nice people on the “run playground”
kids 3

Last one home is a rotten egg . . .said no adult ever.

  1. Mother knows best. Well kinda. Remember when you could get up from the dinner table after you ate your veggies. Still good advice, just not too much fiber. Second, parents often use the “after you’s” or “once you haves”. Running is sort of like your veggies, your homework, your chores  you’ll be glad you did it.

“Once you have going running,  you can do your other errands.” Or “After you finish your homework, you go play outside.”

6. It’s free! Still is, leave the gear, swag, unnecessary brand validations behind. Your parents told you to go play outside because… it’s free. It also made you tired. So if you need a nap after you run, do that too.

images 2

There are times, when running can be a chore, or hard, or even down right discouraging. As a child, we never described running in any of those ways, so this weekend, we hope you run like a 3 year old.  There’s time for training, racing and programs, and millions of adult ways to tell you how. We admit, we have a how-to run guide too!

May your running shoes take you many happy 3 year old-like places,

Sheri and Teresa

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