12-Week Digital Training Guides If you have your eye on a finish line, one of our detailed, instantly downloadable, 70-Page Training Guides with both a beginner and advanced training schedules will be the perfect tool for you.

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    Marathon Training Guide

    Designed to get you to the start and finish line of your first or fastest full marathon, you’ll have instant access to detailed information on training, fueling, hydration and other crucial race strategies. This plan includes two training schedules for beginner and advanced runners. This guide will give you the confidence and insight you need to achieve marathon success.

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    Half Marathon Training Guide

    Includes the entire full marathon training guide with all comprehensive training, nutrition, hydration and critical race strategy PLUS two schedules specifically for the half marathon distance. Regardless of your current half marathon performance, this guide will help you get to your finish line with satisfaction and a smile and set you up for future marathon success.

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